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VSTS & TFS Rest API: 01 – Getting Started

First things first – this series of posts will be targeting the VSTS & TFS Rest API, as of writing version 1.0 is stable & some functionality is in preview state (see the API Change History), mostly using the .Net Client.

While VSTS is evolving quickly the on-premises Team Foundation Server itself is evolving at a slightly slower pace with its ~quarterly updates and some features being targeted at vNext and depending on your current environment, some functionality might not be available to you, yet.

So what you’ll need to follow along is either a VSTS account or a TFS installation and as this is code-focused, an installation of Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code, Xamarin Studio, JetBrains Rider or any other source code editor of your choice really.

Next up, you need to have a basic understanding of the underlying technologies in general, so it besides knowing the basics around TFS itself already, knowing a bit about HTTP, Rest and Json won’t hurt to understand what’s coming.

VSTS has a its own Getting Started page, which you might want to have a look at, too.

That’s basically all you need and we’re ready to dive into the actual API and coding against it.


Index for all Posts | Full code is available at GitHub


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