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Extending Team Explorer in Visual Studio 2012 via ITeamExplorer* Interfaces

One of the improvements in Visual Studio 2012 is that it brings together the previously slightly scattered TFS functionality into the Team Explorer and even better, made extending the new Team Explorer a tad more convenient than it was before (it was doable, but rather cumbersome).

VS2012 has now a MEF based plugin model for its Team Explorer component and  Microsoft released an article accompanied by a code sample explaining & demonstrating implementation of the various interfaces (ITeamExplorerPage, ITeamExplorerSection, ITeamExplorerNavigationItem and ITeamExplorerNavigationLink, all within the Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Controls namespace) you can use to extended and add your own, custom functionality into the Team Explorer.

The article and code is available here, if you do need an expert that knows the TFS Client Object Model and Visual Studio Extensbility inside out, please don’t hesitate and contact me


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