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Test Coverage & -Results Prototype Progress

It’s almost done in fact. Ugly, but working except one (common) use-case: planning the same Test Case in the same Test Plan but within different Test Suites. Once that’s done the prototype can be considered as a proof-of-concept and I’ll leave it at that. The actual Work Item control will probably not use any of that code as it’s just purely can-do-oriented and inefficient and unsafe in many places. Leave alone proper visualization and configuration. Those capabilities and features will only be available in the actual product.

See the prototype project’s changelog here: and if you want to, give it a try yourself:

  1. Get the sources
  2. Make sure you have VS2010 SP1 on your machine, use NuGet to fetch the 2 dependency packages
  3. Compile
  4. and run from the command line, e.g. JB.Tfs.Prototypes.TestResultCoverage.exe /tpc=“http://tfsserver.local:8080/tfs/defaultcollection” /p=TestProject /wi=37

37 is the Requirement Work Item Id the evaluation will use as a starting point. It’ll look at all the Test Cases linked to it via the ‘Tested By’ link, their usage in active Test Plans & evaluate the (most recent) Test Results for each selected configuration.



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